About Us

Amode Pty Ltd (Amode) business is focussed on the increased market demand for creative, innovative and cost effective rapid construction solutions for the housing, education, medical, commercial and other construction sectors.

Since its inception Amode has been testing and developing the current design of the Rapid Construction System (RCS).

What makes the RCS so unique and valuable to the market is a steel framed panelised system, with electrical, plumbing, sheeting, insulation, windows and doors all preinstalled. The whole product can fit into a standard shipping container for efficient logistics to global markets. Once landed the product can be installed rapidly using minimal skilled labour that can be sourced locally to support the local economy. Additional sustainable elements can be added into the product should the market demand it.

Amode’s vision for its product is global and inclusive. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, Amode believes it has a viable and sustainable product for the future with a strong case to change the construction industry and the standard of products for all sectors of society.

Amode has linked its IP development of the RCS with 15+ years of proven manufacturing experience. A dedicated factory with state of the art machinery has been purposely built to manufacture Amode’s products. This facility has in house capability to manufacture: light gauge steel roll forming products; custom orb and trim deck sheeting; flashing; doors; windows; kitchens and other cabinetry; and proprietary connection systems. This was the first off shore facility to manufacture modular accommodation units for the Australian Mining Industry with over 2000 accommodation rooms supplied. With 15+ years of Building Code of Australia manufacturing experience linked with market leading prefabricated rapid building systems, Amode offers a secure supply chain for its clients.