Rapid Construction System

  • Rapid Construction System
  • Rapid Construction System
  • Rapid Construction System
  • Rapid Construction System

About the Project

Amode’s Rapid Construction System is a market leading light gauge steel panelised system that comes with electrical, plumbing, sheeting, insulation, windows and doors pre-installed. The system has proprietary floor, wall, ceiling and roof systems that can be adapted to housing, education and other project requirements.

The system has been developed and tested based on 3 core efficiencies:

  • Efficient to manufacture;
  • Efficient to transport – all components fit in a standard shipping container; and
  • Efficient to install – the product can be installed using minimal skilled labour;

Amode aims to re-invent the construction industry with the continual development of this system to enable rapid construction of a high quality product to global markets.

The system has been certified to Australian and Papua New Guinean Standards with other market certification is currently in progress.

The RCS to be configured to meet the specific floor plans of the clients. With 15+ years of supply chain experience each product can be tailored to suite clients price point requirements from low cost housing projects in PNG through to high end executive housing in New Zealand.

Rapid Building System
Provides a high quality and cost effective building solution for your building projects

Fully Certified
Designed, engineered and certified prior to manufacturing to market compliance requirements.

Long Lasting
All products have been carefully selected to ensure long lasting performance.

Rapid Construction
House typically installed in 1-3 weeks (depending on house size) minimising on site labour and project holding costs.

Termite Proof
Full steel structure.

Energy Efficient
All floors, walls, and ceilings insulated along with energy efficient lighting and plumbing as standard.

Reliable Supply
Manufacturer capable of producing over 50 houses per month from state of the art facility.

Proven Track Record
15+ years of Australian manufacturing experience to BCA standards.

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